Published By: Wasteland Press

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Heather Durow

Caring for nature and its creatures has always been Joanna Webb’s passion. Ever since she was a young girl, she knew there was a special connection between her and the earth.
Unfortunately for Joanna, her hunter father wished she was a boy and forced her to watch him slaughter animals…and made her help. Now a grown woman, it’s Joanna’s job to help protect those animals from people like her father at The Trust (short for The Animal
Conservation Trust) where she battles everyday to keep man from destroying wildlife and its habitat.

Ryan Stewart has never given much thought to nature or protecting it. He just knows that trees need to come down to make way for buildings that his father’s company, Stewart and Sons, builds for their clientéle. But when Ryan encounters Joanna on a walk near a job site, he immediately feels a earth shattering attraction for a woman that is supposed to be his enemy.

With a passion too strong for either of them to ignore, Ryan and Joanna begin an affair that neither one believes can last. Both have past pain that haunts them and may just keep
them from realizing what their future could be–together.

Christyna Hunter has created two very strong characters in Ryan and Joanna. The reader is given a sense of who they are right away and why they feel as strongly as they do.
Unfortunately, for me, the story skipped through time a bit quickly without warning. As much as it was enjoyable to read, it left me feeling shortchanged on some background and details, but with Ms. Hunter’s writing skills, I would definitely look for more of her work.

Armchair Interviews says: Good read.

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