Where Are My Christmas Presents?

Published By: Sterli Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Juvenile Fiction

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Reviewed by Michelle D. Basich

So many times at Christmas adults and children alike can get “wrapped” up in the fury of holiday shopping and buying/giving Christmas presents. Where Are My Christmas Presents? is a story that helps children refocus attention often placed on receiving presents to that of giving presents.

With pictures on every page, the book helps children engage in a story that goes beyond the traditions of shopping and a fast-paced life to teach a lesson about slowing down, noticing the needs around you and using the resources you have to bring joy into the lives of others.

There are very real life examples in the book that may need to be explained to small children. For example, a child that is bald, crying and in a hospital bed due to a probable cancer treatment or brain surgery. This image may be confusing or even scary for small children.

The main character, Edgar, sees some sad situations, including the one listed above and feels as though perhaps he can do something about the problems at hand. Edgar learns to use his gifts as not just for him, but as an opportunity to help others. Because of his kindness, he has a surprise come to him at the end of the story that is quite a delight.

Where Are My Christmas Presents? is a story that will engage elementary-aged children and teach them that Christmas is more than just receiving, but about giving as well.

Armchair Interviews says: What a great message.

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