When Shadows Fall

Published By: Swimming Kangaroo Books

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Kathy Johnson

Gretchen Waller, unlucky in work and romance, lands a research position with John David Honeycutt. Not only is he a former professor and best-selling author, but also one of the younger members of the powerful and influential Honeycutt family.

Power and wealthy did not prevent John’s grandfather from being incarcerated for murder. John’s goal is to prove his grandfather innocent and return him to the sprawling and remote Mill Hollow estate.

Gretchen and John arrive at Mill Hollow amid snowstorms and howling winds. Dark secrets surround not only the murder, but the estate as well. There are footprints in the snow which don’t match anyone staying in the mansion, then there’s the smell of violets in the bedroom where Gretchen is staying. The story is populated with a number of suspicious characters who have secrets to be hidden and revealed.

Working in close proximity brings an even closer relationship for Gretchen and John. With a killer still on the loose, danger surrounds them as they uncover truths. Is there time for romance to blossom before the killer strikes again?

The approximate length of a novella, she has packed the pages full of a good story.

Armchair Interviews says: An upcoming writer, Kate Fellowes brings both intrigue and romance to her book.

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