What Your Lawyer May Not Tell You About Your Family's Will

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Many of us spend so much time living, we don't make it a priority (or we fear) planning the right way for the time when our life ends.

Our daughter works at a law firm that specializes in elder law/estate law. About every week I get an email asking: Do you and Dad have a (will/trust/health care directive/prepaid funeral, etc.)? Usually I can answer yes because we have put our wishes on paper. We know because we have both been executors of family wills. We understand the importance of planning so your wishes are known and to also protect your assets.

The first chapter of this book will make you understand why you, too, need to have a will and do planning. So many people don't think they need a will, and the stories will show why this is not true.

Part 1 is the basics of wills and will help you understand wills and estate planning.

Part II is advanced planning that goes into a trust, what is probate, how to take care of pets, what if you become incapacitated, and oh, yes, tax implications. There is even a section on married/unmarried couple's specific needs.

Part III gets into the details of who, what, when, why--plus records and bookkeeping.

Yes, you can write your own will and have it notarized with two or three witnesses signing that you are of "sound mind," etc. But if you want to be smart before you do that, or before you see an attorney to get professional help, read this book.

If you think you don't need a will, consider what if you were killed in a work-related accident and there is a big settlement. Who gets it? Ignorance is NOT bliss in this incidence. Be prepared rather than negatively affect your surviving family members.

Armchair Interviews says: The subtitle to this book is: A Guide to Preventing the Common Pitfalls That Can Lead to Family Fights. Now--that's the crux of this whole subject!

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