Vampire Loves

Published By: First Second

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

(Content seems fitted for young adult and older)

Graphic author Joann Sfar has filled Vampire Loves with her own blend of tenderness, humor, melancholy and philosophy.

Ferdinand is a vampire who bites his victims with only one tooth so it appears like a mosquito bite. First he licks them to desensitize the area. What a guy.

He, too, finds it difficult to make sense of his relationships (some with the living; some not) as we follow him through these relationships.

The colors Sfar uses are vivid, the drawings great fun. The edgy, funny and poignant text was translated from French by Alexis Siegel.

Ferdinand falls in love with Asprine, whose sister is Ritaline. He may be dead, but he can still have his heart broken. His "granny" could wave her magic wand and affect his love life if he'd let her.

Every chapter is based on relationships--but we do travel to different places, including the Louvre Museum in Paris (at night, because they ARE vampires).

Vampires in Love...vampires in relationships--well, it IS the 21st Century so anything is possible.

Armchair Interviews says: Subtle and edgy content is combined with intricate cartoon drawings that will keep your interest. Vampire Loves is a very good read.

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