Up in the Old Hotel

Published By: Vintage

Book Category: Non-Fiction,

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Reviewed by Diane A Brown

Mitchell, a well-known reporter, has filled a role in history that will always be remembered and loved by those who lived the life he wrote about.

The people in his stories are unique and have qualities some would find interesting. His writing is very descriptive and he captures countless details not understood or seen by the casual passerby. You can easily place yourself as a fly on the wall soaking in your surroundings.

If you read Up in the Old Hotel with literary merit in mind, then you will be in for a good dose of excellent writing by a standard of yesteryear. If you are looking for people who fit outside the box, you will surely find them. If you are looking for a glimpse of the past, then be prepared to journey back with a fine guide who didn’t miss a thing.

There will be many of the older generation that will remember, with clarity, when Mitchell’s writings first appeared and the impact they made. It is to this group that I recommend Up in the Old Hotel.

Though a brilliant writer, I was not drawn to his stories. For me they lacked the “snap, crackle, and pop” of today’s aggressive writing style. If New York had been my home over the years, then I would have found a deeper appreciation and understanding for those who made up Mitchell’s fine work.

Armchair Interviews says: From a man who knew how to observe and then put it down on paper.

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