Under The Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America

Published By: Multnomah Books

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Biography & Autobiography

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

At the young age of 20, upper-middle class Mike Yankoski traveled with his friend Sam to six cities in the United States: Denver, Washington D.C., Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix, and San Diego.

You might think that there is nothing special about traveling around the U.S. The thing is, Mike and Sam felt led by the Holy Spirit to live their faith in order to better understand the plight of the American homeless population and to witness how the Church is, or is not involved.

Under the Overpass consists of five months of stories and reflections of the preparation and travel of Mike and Sam on the "mean" streets of America. Mike discusses how it felt to plummet overnight from being an upper-middle class college student to a scum-of-the earth untouchable. With no money, panhandling became their job, and if it didn't pay well, then dumpster-diving for food was their mode of grocery shopping. They also had no safe place to live or sleep. Mike's stories of living with alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill and social outcasts will astound and shock you as they did me.

All Christians who believe they are living their Christian faith would do well to read Under the Overpass and then have a good hard look into their hearts and lives. Armchair Interviews says this is a book that could change your life and that of the people you encounter daily.

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