Too Scandalous to Wed

Published By: Avon

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Wendy Hines

In a previous book, we met Henrietta Ashby, fondly known as Henry. Being the youngest of four girls she is her father’s favorite, thusly spoiled. Henry gets everything she wants, except Viscount Ravenswood. She has been in love with him since a child. She knows he loves her too, he is just too stubborn to realize it.

No matter how much she chases after him, he will not give in. Even when she wears revealing gowns and flirts relentlessly, he only treats her as a younger sister.

Viscount Ravenswood, who’s name is Sebastian, has just about had it with Henry. He loves her like a sister and wants her to be happily married, just not to him. As a young boy, Sebastian learned from his father about pre-destiny. He believes he was born wicked and no matter what he does, he won’t go to Heaven. So, he decided to spend his life drinking and womanizing. A wife is the last thing he wants, especially one like Henry.

In a fit of frustration, Sebastian decided to take a long trip away. Sebastian hopes while he is gone, she will fall in love with another, better suited man, and finally leave him alone.

When Ravenswood goes on his vacation, Henry decided she needs help. She sets up a meeting with a famous recluse in town, who happens to be a retired prostitute. When Henry explains the situation to her, she gladly agrees to help and sets about teaching Henry the correct way to catch a man. Five months later, when Sebastian returns, he can hardly believe his eyes. While he was away, she had become a desirable woman.

As Henry fights for her man, Sebastian fights it with everything within hiim. When an enemy of Sebastian’s decides to enter the picture, everyone’s turns topsy turvy. Due to the help of a third party, all tables are turned. Is it too late for Sebastian and Henry though?

The characters are vibrant and humerous, and I cannot wait for the next book from Alexandra Benedict, a rising star.

Armchair Interviews says: Story sounds enticing—except for a girl being named Henry.

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