Too Hot to Handle

Published By: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Heather Durow

In Too Hot to Handle, Robin Kaye picks up where her previous novel, Romeo, Romeo, left off, but instead of following the original main characters, Nick and Rosalie, we are re-introduced to her sister, Annabelle Ronaldi, and Nick’s best friend, Dr. Mike Flynn.

The story opens on a very confused, very hung-over Annabelle. Could last night have been real? She was sure she saw a ghost…and did things with him that ghosts shouldn’t be able to do. The man next to her in bed was most definitely not a ghost, but he could be her dead boyfriend’s double. When she saw Mike, the non-ghost, at her sister Rosalie’s wedding the night before she couldn’t believe her eyes. She had lost her boyfriend, Chip, over two years ago, but seeing this man who looked so much like him, brought up emotions she had gotten really good at repressing.

Strong feelings develop on both sides, and Annabelle and Mike start dating–although she never mentions Chip or the uncanny resemblance. Why should she start talking about Chip now when her own family didn’t even know he ever existed? As things progress, Annabelle’s best friend (and Chip’s twin sister), Becca, uncovers a truth that no one saw coming…especially Annabelle. When family secrets are revealed, will Mike and Annabelle’s newfound love survive?

Robin Kaye is a master at romance, and her second novel is even better than the first. The story drips with emotion and her characters are so real and likeable that you keep turning each page to see what happens next.

Wonderful from beginning to end, Too Hot to Handle will definitely please even the most discerning romance fan.

Armchair Interviews says: The steamy cover says it all.

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