To Wed a Highlander

Published By: Zebra

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Kathy Johnson

What a joy. Michele Sinclair’s To Wed a Highlander hits a high note immediately and never lets down. This novel will give you the ride of your life.

It’s 1309 along the Scottish borders. Makenna Dunstan is the laird’s youngest and only unwed daughter (two others have husbands; a third is married to the church). To protect the clan and give them the guidance and training they need, Laird Alexander orders Makenna to wed her dead sister’s husband, Colin McTiernay. Not only is Makenna against the marriage because Colin is her former brother-in-law, but he has limited her actions which he views as wild, and he is huge, stubborn, and the worst of all, he is a Highlander.

Colin has no desire to wed Makenna. He had loved her sister dearly. Deirdre was lovely, gentle, and knew how to run the keep. Makenna would rather ride her horse unrestricted across the open fields or match swords with the men, than learn the delicacies of being a woman.

Laird Alexander foresees the problems ahead, both with the marriage and with the clan. He knows only two strong-willed people working together will be able to lead the clan through the times ahead.

With their marriage, the truth regarding family and clan loyalty from all sides is expounded upon. Those who turn against the clan will suffer, but Colin will not jump to conclusions until he is absolutely sure he knows his enemy. While Colin is off trying to sort out attacks against the clan, Makenna is left to sort out truth and loyalty within the castle walls. It is a time of personal growth for Makenna as she learns to take hold of the reigns of chatelaine.

Don’t miss the whirlwind evolution of Colin and Makenna’s marriage and leadership.

If you read A Highlander’s Bride you will be pleased to meet up with many of the characters you remember from that story.

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