To Taste Temptation

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Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Wendy Hines

Historical Romance writer Elizabeth Hoyt brings us the first in a new series, The Legend of the Four Soldiers. Filled with glimpses of a captivating fairytale, and the emotional rollercoaster of a budding romance, this one is sure to not disappoint.

As legend depicts, one day as four soldiers were walking their way home from war, they came upon a T in the road. They pondered which path to follow, but each thought their fate lay in different paths. One soldier strayed from the path and ran into the forest. His name is Iron Heart and this is his story.

Lady Emeline Gordon is a widow who chaperones young girls, teaching them for pin money the proper etiquette and propriety in London. Her young son Daniel, and her aging aunt live with her. Her life seems to be going along splendidly well, until one day the new neighbors move in.

Samuel Hartley is a handsome, wealthy American and a former soldier. His uncivilized ways unnerve Emeline. She just knows he does things to irritate her, like wear his moccasins to a very high society ball. He has moved back to London after a long absence because he believes his regiment was betrayed. He is determined to find the culprit and see justice served.

Bringing his younger sister to live with him serves as an easy excuse to get closer to the intriguing, beautiful Lady Emeline. Proposing to hire her to chaperone his young sister, he is soon enlisting her help with his investigation. Lady Emeline’s brother had died while serving with Samuel. She believes that by helping him, it brings her closer to her brother.

As the investigation brings them closer to the identity of the betrayer, the sparks heat up between Emeline and Samuel. Will she be able to hurdle over the obstacle of his barbaric ways to let him come closer? Or will society harden her heart against him? Can Samuel overcome his guilt of letting his regiment down so he can be truly free to love?

The background of the era is well-painted. The characters are well-developed and emotions run high. The plot is twisted very well, and the pages flow with magic. Although I didn’t really come to love the heroine, the secondary characters were vibrant and full of life. I will definitely be picking up the next in this new series.

Armchair Interview says: Who can resist a man in uniform?

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