Third Class Superhero

Published By: Mariner Books

Book Category: Fiction, Short Stories

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

This is an entertaining book of short stories written for thinkers.

The third class superhero spoken of in the title is Moisture Man. He has the powers to be a good guy, but not enough to be on the A list. His superhero friends throw him a bone occasionally and ask for his help, but they don't really need him. If only he could fly, he could get a higher designation. There is the possibility of getting more power, but only if he goes to the dark side. It's a problem we all face.

In 'Florence' a man spends centuries with a lone fish. He hears from his boss, at four-year intervals, asking if the fish is still doing the same things it has been doing for eons.

Unrequited love for a woman who refuses to live in his galaxy--because she loves the mushrooms available only on her own plot of universe--eats at him. It turns into a love triangle when the boss, who may be dead, starts sending videos of himself, naked and singing. He needs to visit his Presbyterian Aunt Betty, but waits too many centuries, as she moves away before he can get there. This is lonely in a nitrous world.

One story is told in multiple-choice questions, and another unfolds as a seven-year-old beats a world-record game score.

Armchair Interviews says: An uncommon, thought-invoking read that takes us through pathos with humor.

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