The Widows of Eden: A Novel

Published By: Algonquin Books

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

George Shaffner authored two other novels that take place in Ebb, Nebraska: In the Land of Second Chances and One Part Angel.

The drought in Ebb, Nebraska is the worst the residents have ever seen. It’s been more than one hundred days since it last rained, and everyone, especially the farmers, is on edge. Not only are people on edge, some are leaving town. But just as things look hopeless, help arrives in the form of Vernon Moore and three female companions.

Vernon Moore, a traveling salesman and sometimes miracle worker, is returning to Ebb after a long absence. Most of the community, based on past experiences, is sure that Moore is the answer to their prayers for rain. The people that are familiar with Moore are surprised that on this visit he isn’t alone. In his RV, he has brought three widows from Eden, Birdie, Eloise, and Marion, to help him with the town’s problems.

But Moore has a decision to make. He can save the town from the drought or he can save the wealthy Clem (the Come Again Bed and Breakfast proprietor, Wilma Porter’s fiancé) from cancer. He can’t do both. The result is a journey of inspiration and faith in reasoned balance.

It’s a feel-good story with fun and quirky characters. The philosophical conversations are heartfelt and gave me much to think about. I love to read entertaining novels with a bit of morality to keep me on my toes.

Armchair Interviews says: For a rollicking good time read all three of Shaffner’s Ebb, Nebraska novels.

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