The Sapphire Pendant

Published By: Ilori Press

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

Jessie comes from a long line of jewelers. She has been taught that each stone, each hunk of metal, holds ingrained a piece of history, a moment in time. Each piece of jewelry holds a special place in the world. One such piece, a sapphire pendant, has been missing from her family’s treasure for awhile. It had to be sold to Deborah’s wealthy family to send Jessie to college, and since then,

Jessie and her two sisters have been trying to raise the money to buy it and put it back where it belongs. Jessie’s other talents include reading stones to tell the future–and being extremely clumsy. She knows she isn’t beautiful, but she’s smart and resourceful to compensate.

Kenneth is a hard worker with a difficult past. He does everything he can to live up to the Preston name. Prestons are honest, loyal, and full of integrity. To the outside world, Kenneth is known as Mr. Perfect. He has lots of money, girls swooning at his feet, a beautiful home, and the looks to match. Though he’s having some inside trouble with the company he runs, his world seems to be perfect.

Though Kenneth and Jessie have had a strained relationship since high school, things get alot worse when Deborah, a scheming socialite, proposes a bet. If Jessie can get Kenneth to take her to a specific party, Deborah will return the sapphire pendant to Jessie’s family. If Jessie loses, then she has to be Deborah’s maid for a full year. To make matters worse, Kenneth’s niece has run away from home and decided to live with him.

This was an engaging story, but I was mentally drawn to two different time periods. Several times when I was reading the story I would get the feel of the 1800s, and then all of a sudden there would be an electronics company. The way that the story is told doesn’t seem to match the era it is placed in. The characters are somewhat realistic, but almost to the point of not being believable. I felt as if I was being pulled from one extreme to the other. One moment I loved the characters and could completely relate, and the next moment I was completely confused because I couldn’t figure out why the character was behaving the way they were.

However, Dara Girard’s writing style was the saving grace of this story. She kept me flipping from page to page until the very end.

Armchair Interviews says: A story with strong characters and writing that could have had better with some attention to time and place.

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