The Red-Hot Cajun

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by M.K. Dancy

Sandra Hill, one of romance’s best loved writer of comedic romance, is hitting on all cylinders in her book, Red-Hot Cajun. In this book, Valerie Breuax is having a very bad day. She has been kidnapped by crazed environmentalists and delivered to Rene LeDeux, a burned-out environmentalist lobbyist who has returned to Louisiana for a break from D.C. politics and to finish the work on his house.

One of Hill’s best known trademarks is her rich and hilarious secondary characters, and this book is no exception. Rene’s Tante Lulu is a piece of work all on her own, andshe enriches the story with her sense of humor, provideda lot of the backstory without it seeming forced.

As Val, an uptight on-air attorney for Trial TV and daughter of prominent parents, tries to talk Rene into helping her get home, she’s also trying desperately to fight her overwhelming attraction to him. Rene is at turns both attracte to Val and frustrated by her. When the couple finally act upon their attraction, the scene is incendiary. Hill writes romance that puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh out loud. She’s a smooth writer who has a great sense of place and setting.

The only reason I would qualify my recommendation is because the dialogue is filled with what I’m sure is colloquial Louisiana language, but it sometimes seemed a bit forced to me, and I found it distracting. That being said, the romance is strongly written and very entertaining. Hill delivers again.

Armchair Interviews says: If you are looking for a fun, entertaining romance to read this summer, Red-Hot Cajun delivers, guar-un-teed.

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