The Paper Bag Christmas

Published By: Center Street

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Andrea Sisco

What would you think if Santa Claus told you that you that you wouldn’t get all the “stuff” you asked for, but you would get the gift you never wanted for Christmas? That’s what a special Santa Claus told Molar and Aaron Alan when they visited him at the mall, the day after Thanksgiving in 1980.

The unusual Santa who “posed” as a pediatric oncologist and rode around in a colorful wheelchair enlists Molar and Aaron to serve as his elves in the children’s ward of the local hospital.

Molar and Aaron are each given a special assignment. Aaron meets a young Indian boy, Madhu, who is Hindu and is in need of a liver. Madhu has an interest in the Christmas story and has questions galore about the meaning of the season. He wants to be the fourth wise man in the hospital pageant – and he ultimately gives the greatest of all gifts to the Christ child.

Molar’s assignment is more difficult. Katrina is a sad and lonely girl who is dying. Her numerous surgeries have left her scarred and thus she keeps herself hidden from everyone.

Madhu and Katrina have a Christmas wish but the Christmas spirit touches all of the lives of those in the children’s hospital. And Aaron and Molar experience their first real Christmas, one that will follow them for the rest of their lives.

The novella, The Paper Bag Christmas is just a feel-good story that will bring tears to your eyes, put a smile on your lips and fill your heart with love. And really, isn’t that what Christmas is all about? The Christmas season lives through the story of a man who cared, children who believed and a hospital that became the stage for Christmas miracles that Christmas in Oregon in 1980.

Armchair Interviews says: The Paper Bag Christmas is a Christmas gift from the author to everyone. Our gift to the author—buy his lovely Christmas story and live the message all year round.

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