The Heir

Published By: Bethany House

Book Category: Fiction, Mystery & Detective

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Whew! I'm exhausted as I close The Heir. The Boyer family's trials and tribulations went from exhilaration and joy to despair and sadness--and finally hope that the right thing would be done.

Murder and money, power and politics, and family and the obligations they bring, all tie up this story in a neat bundle.

Not only is first-time author Paul Robertson a darn good storyteller, filing pages with intrigue and twists, he also does a good job of telling it. A dozen of his sentences were so powerful, so visual, so telling, I had to write them in my own journal to read again later.

The Boyer boys' mother died when they were 5 and 3, so Eric has no memory of her, and Jason's are sketchy. When their father soon remarried, the boys were off to boarding school and hardly knew their father.

Jason, 28, and brother Eric, 25, have been living off their fathers' monthly gifts. Jason has been married three years and wife Katie loves to spend money. Eric spends all he gets, and more, and is floating through life with no goals but a new car or bike.

Jason Boyer becomes a billionaire at the suspicious death of his father, power broker in both business and politics. However, Jason knows one thing: He does NOT want anything to do with his father's businesses--and is in shock to realize his responsibilities. After some deep thought, he decides to "do the right thing" and make some of his father's underhanded dealings public, regardless of who gets hurt. He has many advisors, but he doesn't know whom to trust--and neither do we as the clues send us astray. We are as ignorant as Jason is.

Murders are plentiful and all clues point to Jason as the murderer. Although this is considered a mystery, this is really a "study of people," and how they are changed, both bad and good, by money, greed, power and position.

Throughout the book, Jason keeps asking "Why am I here?" and at the end, he knows why--that God has enlisted him to do something his father couldn't.

Armchair Interviews says: The Heir is a powerful first novel of hope and redemption that follows murder and mayhem.

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