The Grand Finale

Published By: Harper

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Elizabeth Bright

Berry Knudson put her ex-husband through medical school at the expense of her own college degree. Her thanks from him was a divorce because he found another woman–and a “slice” of poverty.

But the scrappy Berry saves her pennies and buys a pizza parlor. She becomes the delivery girl when the three elderly women she hired to help her out take over the cooking (and her home). Berry is an “accident” waiting to happen. And happen it does. While delivering a pizza she tries to help a kitten who is stuck in a tree. Hunky Jake Sawyer, an inventor turned first grade teacher, was undressing in his bedroom when Berry takes a dive from the tree branch and lands on the pizza. As if that’s not bad enough, Jake knows she was peeking at him through the window. And then, her old Jeep rolls over an embankment, leaving her without “wheels.”

Berry may have a talent for disaster, but she’s driven to succeed even if it means putting life on hold. Jake Sawyer dreams big dreams and is bent on teaching Berry to live life and let love into her life.

The Grand Finale is a repackaged novel from Janet Evanovich’s past. It’s fun, quirky, and will make you laugh out loud and want more of her stories. And there are more. A number of Evanovich’s earlier novels have been updated and published. Check them out; you’ll be glad you did as you laugh your way from one to another.

Armchair Interviews says: Janet Evanovich’s stories are always worth your time.

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