The Golf Gods

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

I always thought that it was enough to say that I had sacrificed one of my golf balls to the golf gods when it went into a water hazard (ok, it didn’t just go—I hit it there!). Now I find out that not only there are many gods of gold, but they have names and specialties (Terrnor is the god of water).

Armed with this knowledge, it is possible to have another explanation for the state of your golf game. Up to now have you had a personal golf god? Have you specifically asked for one to be your patron? Probably not. So why should Chit, the god of bunkers, care how much time you spend there? Or why would Bok, Bingo and Bango, the gods of grip, swing, and release, try to help you—after all you have not only not asked for their help, you haven’t even acknowledged their existence!

With this background about the gods, Brown proceeds to dissect some of the major mysteries of golf history.

—Why didn’t Arnold Palmer ever win the PGA?

—Why did Sam Sneed never win a US Open?

—How did Orville Moody ever manage to win a US Open?

—Why did the gold gods reserve one more major for Byron Nelson year after year—and finally release it nearly twenty years after his last major.

The answers to these and other questions will provide you with clever diversion and interesting insight.

Along the way you’ll also pick up some golf tips that can actually help you to improve various aspects of your game, especially the mental part of the game and putting.

Armchair Interview says: It’s a great read for an afternoon where the weather keeps you from your usual game.

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