The Golden Tulip

Published By: Three Rivers Press

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Diane A Brown

Very addicting and well written…

The Golden Tulip will appeal to the heart of all those who struggle to reach their dreams. The story, set in periods of Dutch history, weaves innocence and deception into a captivating tale.

You are carried back in time to notable confrontations with stunning realism. Artistic creativity of the true masters, bright and bold fields of tulips, and the dark side of unethical behavior all surface in unexpected places. Each chapter addresses the challenges of one of the character, and you are often left wondering when they will reappear. If you try to predict the next move, you best put on your detective cloak. The author skillfully uses twists and turns surprising even the best of readers.

The characters, though a bit confusing at first, grow vivid and real with each turning page. Some are intensely and intimately described and yet others are mysterious shadows. There is a wonderful variety of naivety, common sense, shocking reality and evil in its purest form. Action fills almost every page and a rollercoaster of emotional challenges soon beset the reader.

The story has many side plots which enhance the book. You will find a wide web of intrigue at its finest, romance with shocking consequences, and shameful dishonesty with scandalous results. The overall writing style flows easily. The settings and actions come alive as the author reaches not only your senses but your heart as well.

The Golden Tulip is a wonderful story for those who love to dream. It may surprise you what the human heart can endure…and still survive.

Armchair Interviews says: Everyone can relate to having dreams.

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