The Geometry of Sisters

Published By: Bantam

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Carrie Padgett

(Great characters + long lost love) (Taut plot/idyllic setting)=Luanne Rice’s latest novel The Geometry of Sisters.

Maura Shaw’s husband died. And her eldest daughter ran away the same day. A year later, Maura moves her splintered and hurting family to Newport, Rhode Island to accept a teaching job at an exclusive boarding prep school.

With his sister, Carrie, gone, Travis Shaw feels the responsibility of being the oldest child and now the man of the house. He finds Newport Academy a place where he can not just play football–but also be a star. He misses his father with a fierceness that follows him onto the field.

Beck Shaw is bewildered by the disappearance of her sister. Beck thinks of Carrie as part of herself. A gifted mathematician, Beck explores infinity and parallel worlds in her geometry and algebra studies, hoping the parabolas and straight lines will lead her to Carrie and to feel closer to her father. She also finds solace in the local legend of Mary, a student who died early in the school’s history, and her sister Beatrice.

After watching her father die, Carrie Shaw was in shock and ran by reflex. Now, she can’t figure out how to return to her family. There have been too many secrets kept for too many years. How can one teenager be expected to keep them all without imploding under the pressure?

As well as mourning the end of her happy family, Maura is also trying to restore her relationship with her own sister, fractured many years ago.

J.D. Blackstone, a mysterious paralyzed man from Maura’s past, will do anything to bring Carrie home to her mother.

Rice does an extraordinary job keeping the reader engrossed. The plot twists are hinted at, then revealed at the right moment. The three sister relationships intersect like a graph of a parabola.

The Geometry of Sisters is Rice at her finest.

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