The Fortune Teller’s Daughter: A Novel

Published By: Ballantine Books

Book Category: Fiction,

Reviewed by Shawn Remfrey

After publishing two books, Harry took a part-time job at a university in order to have more time to write his new novel. The only problem is that he can’t come up with any ideas for his book. While out drinking with buddies one evening, one of them suggest that he check out the Purple Lady and the local fortune teller. The Purple Lady winds up being a large statue of a woman done entirely in purple. Just past that is the fortuneteller’s home.

Thinking to while away the time and be entertained, if nothing else, he finds himself being sucked into a world he knows nothing about. Though he’s not sure why at first, he finds himself returning to see the fortuneteller’s niece, Maggie. Amid family problems and his odd relationship with Maggie, Harry finds himself involved in a mystery that could become his next book–if he lives through it.

This is one of those wonderful books that lingers in your mind days after you’ve finished reading it. The story is so compelling and deep that after I read it the first time, I immediately started over and reread the book, gaining a new perspective. There are so many different ideas covered in here: academics, ethics, family structure, religion, politics, the paranormal. Not only are you pulled into Harry and Maggie’s world, you find yourself questioning and wondering about your own.

There were two parts of this book that I specifically enjoyed. The first is that at the beginning of each chapter a tarot card is pictured. Above the card is a caption stating what the card means. It gives you a small glimpse into what the chapter is about and adds a little more flavor. The second thing I loved is the wonderful inventions! The creativity involved astounds me!

I sincerely wish there was going to be a continuation of this story, but I’ll have to settle for picking up a copy of Lila Shaara’s debut novel, Every Secret Thing.

Armchair Interview says: A super 5-star read.

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