The Fire Within

Published By: Revell

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Lacy J. Williams

After being cast out of his own clan for a murder he didn’t commit, Darach MacNaghten wants retribution. He believes that by freeing his murderous brother from the clutches of the Campbells who have taken him prisoner, Dar will gain support from clan members and be able to rejoin the only family he’s ever known.

Caitlin Campbell, the headstrong sister to the Campbell clan chief, can’t stay out of trouble for long. She is both attracted to and disarmed by the handsome stranger who seeks shelter at her family’s castle under the Highland code of hospitality. But when Dar takes her hostage in a plan to trade her for his brother, Caitlin’s attraction turns to anger.

In a wild ride across the Highland hills, sparks fly as two people with fiery tempers and strong wills try to survive the dangers they find – including the danger of falling in love. When faced with their own weaknesses, will they turn to God, or run away from Him and each other?

Morgan has crafted a well-written novel that will transport the reader back to sixteenth-century Scotland within moments of cracking the cover. Although the dialogue may be a bit old-fashioned, it fits the time period of the novel and adds to the flavor of the book. The author also creates a concrete sense of setting without long paragraphs of description or narrative.

Another strength in this novel is its strong, likable characters. Morgan’s hero and heroine are easy to identify with and have a sense of adventure about them that will make you cheer for them. Morgan also has a good sense of pacing, and uses it well to keep the reader interested throughout the entire book.

The spiritual thread in this book is strong, but it seems to fit with the passionate characters and overall tone.

Armchair Interviews says: Overall, this is an entertaining read and highly recommended.

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