The Fate of the Artist

Published By: First Second

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

Eddie Campbell has been producing graphic novels for 25 years--for adults. At first glance, you see a wide variety of art styles used to tell a story.

In The Fate of the Artist, the author conducts an investigation into his own sudden disappearance. He puts words in the mouth of friends and even his dog, using photos, comics, illustrations and yellowed newspaper comics.

Quirky. Very quirky, but very interesting format and diverse styles that appealed to the closet artist in me.

I was laughing out loud on page 1, giggled through most of the book because of the fun uses of unique ways to fill a page with everything needed to tell a darn good story--including typeface oddities, cartoon characters, etc.

For example: The artist disappeared and left a drawing--not a note. The investigating detective said, "Not much of a drawing if he makes his living as an artist," to which the reply, "What are you? A detective or a critic?"

Another place one character said: I found myself stepping backward down the ladder of opportunity.

This is a book I'll carry with me for when I am waiting, and especially when I need a good laugh and something to think about other than "why am I waiting here?"

Armchair Interviews says: The Fate of the Artist feels like a keeper, like something one would collect for its humor, message, beauty and uniqueness--so don't ask to borrow it. Adult fun without adult responsibilities.

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