The F Word

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Reviewed by Rowena Brew

(The “F” word here is “fiancée”—which can conjure up both the image of a
blushing, serene bride-to-be—or one of the hell-raising bridezillas reality TV has brought into our living rooms.)

As a recently engaged bride-to-be, who is just embarking on the long and
perilous road to organizing a wedding, I was delighted at the opportunity to
review a book that I had a such a personal interest in, and I have to say that in The F Word, Kelly Bare did not disappoint.

Any woman who has gone through the gigantic task of arranging their wedding,
and anyone who is going through it at the moment, will find themselves laughing,
crying and nodding knowingly as they turn the pages of this account of one
woman’s journey down the aisle.

Anyone who has ever felt guilty at feeling that the most “special time in their life” is actually turning into the biggest ordeal of their lives—and who feel guilty at the urge to run and hide under the duvet until the whole thing blows over—may be surprised to know that they are not the only ones with these feelings, and that it is ultimately all part of the wedding stress.

Kelly tackles such delicate issues are how and when to inform an ex to the news of your upcoming nuptials, learning to let your partner take control and the responsibility of certain areas of your new life (difficult to do if you have been used to being an independent 21st century woman for a number of years), and broaching the issue of religion in a mixed-faith marriage.

With tips on the better couples pre-marital courses available, and how they can enhance your relationship, to the first time you arrange for the in-laws to meet each other (which in itself should require you to have a qualification in engineering).

Kelly Bare is speaking from her own personal experience, and as the editor of a prominent relationships magazine in New York (Tango Magazine)—making her somewhat of an authority on the matter. Her writing style is refreshing and light, with an element of comedy throughout to keep you smiling—which made it a pleasure to read this book.

Armchair Interviews says: Blushing or screaming, a bride may need to look at wedding planning through this book’s advice.

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