The Edict

Published By: Vintage

Book Category: Fiction, Sports

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Reviewed by Debra Kiefat

The word ‘golf’ first appeared in a 1457 Scottish Edict banning the Scots from playing in order to turn their focus to archery and defend their realm from the English. And so The Edict is a fanciful tale by Bob Cupp about how such a law could have found its way out of the parliament.

In the community of Fife a structure was built to honor St. Andrew, patron saint of Scotland, brother to Peter and an apostle to Jesus. This would become the ecclesiastic cornerstone to pilgrims and golf tournaments, increasing the community population exponentially. It is in this backdrop that Cupp writes about a famed tournament that caused the King to outlaw golf on March 6, 1457.

The Edict is the story about a shepherd with a natural talent, who could win the event and be the next celebrated hero of the games. However there are two evil ruffians who go out of their way to cause him to fall short of his dream. A nobleman with a major betting problem realizes he has seriously placed himself in jeopardy by making an ill-advised bet, and an evil lender who plays innocent people against each other, creating a community of distrust, who use skullduggery to prevent the dark horse from winning.

In a Foreword written by Jack Nicklaus, he describes Bob Cupp as one of the most talented golf course designers who has the ability to turn red clay into brilliant fairways. In addition to his vivid imagination, Bob has a healthy sense of humor and the gift of gab. Hence, Jack believes The Edict is important to golf in that it brings to life the possibilities of golf’s rudiment beginnings.

Whether you are a casual or serious golfer, The Edict will inspire greater passion and a reverence for the game. I don’t believe any reader can honestly read this book and not want to pick up a set a clubs. As a casual golfer that is exactly what I did and I felt a new understanding for the nuances of golf. Thanks Bob!

Armchair Interviews says: You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy.

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