The Dowry Bride

Published By: Kensington

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Diane A Brown

When you get married in India, the conditions could be surprising…

Megha Ramnath, married just over a year, awoke and found her husband missing. Arising, she steps outside into the cool darkness. Searching for Suresh, she notices a light coming from the small shed in the backyard. Cautiously approaching, she hears familiar voices. Listening, a deep fear seizes her heart. They are plotting murder! Her mother-in-law is describing the detailed plan of her demise to Seresh! There is no time to think. She must get away now…

Running till her breath comes in gasps, Megha finally stops to consider her options. If she returns to her parent’s home, they would likely send her back to Suresh. Wandering the streets late at night was very dangerous. She must find a place of refuge. Megha could think of only one person who had shown her kindness. But would he force her to return home as well? Kiran was a good person, but he is also Suresh’s brother. The idea seemed a poor choice, as contact with family could prove risky. Megha ducks into a dark corner just as a car passes. A stranger is watching her closely so she moves on. Just in the nick of time she climbs quickly over a fence and out of his site. Kiran seems her only hope. His apartment is not far. Knocking lightly, there’s no answer. Megha turns to run, but hears footsteps echo in the stairwell.

Fear is constant. Irrational decisions often lead her away from safety. Danger lurks only steps behind. Will Megha ever find peace? Will she be on the run forever? Will the evil plans be carried out?

The Dowry Bride is an eye opener to the challenges many Indian women face in a culture few foreigners comprehend.

Though well written and informative, there is a lot of “back story” that interrupts the overall flow of the book.

Armchair Interviews says: Unique look at East Indian culture.

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