The 100 Greatest Sales Tips of All Time

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Reviewed by Bob Pike, CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

This book won't teach you to sell, but will inspire those who sell for a living. About half the book is really quotes about selling--one liners that get you thinking. Examples are: "Everyone lives by selling something." Robert Louis Stevenson, "Pack your today's with effort--extra effort." Thomas Watson, and "No one can remember more than three points." Philip Crosby.

These one liners help the salesperson by doing two things: reinforces the importance of selling as a profession, especially when one looks at the authors of the quotes--and provides a fresh perspective with which to view the profession.

The other half of the book contains a series of one-page strategies grouped into the categories of motivating, preparation, presentation, and service. These tips will give either the novice or the veteran salesperson something to wrap their minds around in order to take their selling efforts to a new level.

Tips like: "It's simple: sell to people who want your product; ignore those who don't. I spent years trying to get people to buy into Macintosh. We were selling the dream of how the world might become a better place. That kind of selling requires a different mind-set from that of trying to meet a quota. Some people got it in thirty seconds. Others didn't get it and never would. It took me a while to realize that you can't convert atheists. You can't sell oil to Arabs, or refrigerators to Eskimos. Don't even try."
--Guy Kawasaki.

Now it is possible to sell oil to Arabs, convert atheists, and sell refrigerators to Eskimos--but probably not worth the time compared to talking to people who have a clear need for your product or service.

Armchair Interviews says: As with all good sales books just one tip applied can make the cost of this book a bargain.

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