Tasting Fear

Published By: Brava

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd

The D’Onofrio sisters are shattered by the untimely death of their adoptive mother. And, with the arrival of three necklaces made for each sister before she died, the evil begins hunting them.

Workaholic Nancy, the oldest, is extraordinarily attracted to the hunky builder who was contracted to do work on their mother’s house. Liam is more than up to the challenge of helping Nancy stay safe and discover what is going on, but should she trust him? Intellectual Nell has had a crush on her new boss Duncan since she laid eyes on him but she never suspected that the work-driven Duncan would jump to her aide with a fierceness that startles them both. And itinerate artist Vivi, the baby, seeks shelter from Duncan’s friend Jack who has the skills to protect her and an isolated location in which to hide. Unfortunately, Vivi isn’t prepared for Jack’s intensity and protectiveness, especially of his own heart.

But the evil stalking and terrorizing the three sisters has been seeking the secrets held by their adoptive mother for decades and he will torture and kill anyone that gets in his way. Can the sisters and the new men in their lives survive years of dedicated intent, years of planned revenge, and the pure evil heart and mind of the man hunting them down?

Tasting Fear contains three outstanding romantic suspense tales all in one volume. Each sister’s story is told separately but they are linked by the overriding theme of menace and vengeance as the evil man behind their mother’s death is determined to see them dead too.

I am an undisputed cynic about the likelihood of all three sisters meeting the one man meant for them just as they need him most, falling into a relationship filled with incredible passion and steamy sex, and surviving a madman–but if you come prepared to be entertained and ignore probability, then this book works.

I loved it. The men are walking sex, hard bodied, hard headed, protective alpha males who react fiercely when their women are endangered. The women are feisty, intelligent, gorgeous, and willful. And Shannon McKenna is the queen of supercharged, steamy, romantic suspense!

Armchair Interviews says: You’ll be sucked right into the story of the three women and so entirely entertained that you don’t care if it was possible. This book is pure fun.

Author’s Web site: http://www.ShannonMcKenna.com

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