Talk of the Town

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Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Beth Cummings

Talk of the Town is an example of women’s romance fiction or chick lit at its best. Sherrill Bodine has a fairly long list of romance novels written under pseudonyms of Leslie Lynn and Lynn Leslie, but this is the first with her own name on the cover. It is funny, touching book, and the characters seem real–even when their circumstances seem a bit farfetched.

The main character, Rebecca Covington, has been a gossip columnist for a Chicago newspaper for fifteen years. Suddenly the paper is sold and her position is given to a much younger woman. The paper’s new owner, David Sumner, has indicated that he wants a younger, edgier gossip columnist. Rebecca is shuffled off to assist with the Home and Food section of the paper.

However, Rebecca is not a whiner, but an active participant is her own affairs. With the help of food editor, Kate, and good friend and gourmet cook, Dr. Harry Grant, she begins to try out recipes and then give her stories the “Rebecca Covington touch” – adding ways in which a particular dish can assist with one’s love life, revenge or happiness quotient. The new owner is intrigued and soon begins to see Rebecca more often than just at the office.

Rebecca thinks initially that she would do anything to get her old position back. But she grows and changes throughout the story–realizing that sometimes gossip isn’t such a good thing, and that despite past problems, maybe love is worthwhile after all.

I thoroughly enjoyed Talk of the Town. For me, it was the perfect antidote for a head cold and November snowstorm. But it would make an equally good companion on a long flight or an afternoon on the beach or by a pool.

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