Speed, Guts & Glory

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Sports & Recreation

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Reviewed by Laura Hilton

Speed, Guts & Glory is about the history of NASCAR racing. It began on dirt tracks in the rural south when bootleggers and farmers dueled in souped-up jalopies for bragging rights and spending money. Today daredevils risk their lives in monster machines on racetracks at 200 miles per hour.

Once you've been baptized in sweat and gasoline and the thunder of forty 800- horsepower engines, you're a fan for life. If you are, Speed, Guts & Glory is the book for you.

With chapters covering:

-- The closest finishe
-- The unlikeliest victorie
-- The dominator
-- The record breaker
-- The best rookies of the year

...And much more, Speed, Guts & Glory is sure to win the interest of every fan. With plenty of colorful pictures, Speed, Guts & Glory is a great coffee table book sure to win plenty of interest from visitors.

I think it is a very good book. I loved reading the stories about the races and I enjoyed the pictures. A DVD is included with the book adding to my enjoyment.

Armchair Interviews: Highly recommend for all NASCAR fans.

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