So Into You

Published By: Grand Central Publishing

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Connie Anderson

What fun, reading a Sandra Hill romance. Tante Lulu, the 90-something busybody who is the local folk healer, is a true character, one of many from earlier books. Everyone likes her because it’s hard not too–and most everyone seems to be a relative or knows her from “earlier.” At 90, she delves into everyone’s personal life–and also does lots of good.

The “good” is what Tante Lulu does best, and she gathers her family, friends and business contacts to help out people who are without homes, food, etc., many still struggling after Hurricane Katrina that affected this Louisiana bayou area. The St. Jude Angels, the charity Tante Lulu helps set up, does all kinds of fundraising, including a winner “takes all” poker contest between Grace and Angel.

Grace O’Brien has been a nun, a big-winner tournament poker player, and a treasure hunter. With this background, she is the brunt of “nun joke,” especially from her friend and fellow treasure hunter Angel. Grace is clueless that Angel likes her A LOT and she just wants to be friends–and we learn why. She doesn’t feel like she deserves to be loved and have a family. Oh yes, and now Grace is an “apprentice healer,” learning under Tante Lulu’s tutelage. Crocodile snot, anyone? It heals stuff, like the itch from poison ivy/oak.

Tante Lulu works her magic on everyone who tries to deter her. “I’ll make a call,” she always says. Her outreach to the rich, connected and powerful is invaluable when someone she cares about is in trouble. And, as a matchmaker, if you are in her sights, beware. She has never failed before.

This book (just a personal comment) is best read in winter because the sex scenes are sooooo steamy, I am still clearing the fog off my glasses. This gal can create scenes between two people doing, you know…so grab a drink, tissues to often clean off your glasses, and find a very comfortable chair because you may be there until the last page. Enjoy. I sure did!

Sandra Hill has won numerous romance writing honors, including being a RWA Rita Finalist.

Armchair Interviews says: A grand romp of a romance set in Louisiana, and a story that reminds us many families are still not settled after Hurricane Katrina.

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