Small Changes

Published By: St. Martin's Griffin

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

The economy isn’t the only thing in trouble. Jess, Rachel and Tiffany are each having relationship problems combined with economic woes—or maybe because of them.

Tiffany is a shopaholic whose husband reaches the end of his rope when he discovers secret credit cards and purchases. Their plans for having a family may be bankrupt.

Rachel’s ex-husband is in far better shape than she is, financially, but his priorities make it seem that money is not an issue with their children. Her substitute teacher’s pay makes it impossible to do things with her children, the things her ex can always afford. When she mistakes the homeowner for the handyman next door, it’s the beginning of a relationship in which she can pinch pennies and have fun.

Jess and her husband have a grown son living with them. When her husband’s job is moved to a different state things get really tight in their household. Can Jess again become a rocker chick and help make ends meet?

Friendship and proximity bring these women together to form the Small Change Club. Looking for practical solutions to money problems is something most of us can identify with. Woven into the story are useful money tips. When romance, humor and heart are added to the mix it makes for an enjoyable read.

Sheila Roberts writes real people. You may feel as if you could live next door to one of her characters. Their hurts cause you pain and you rejoice at their victories. Real characters, great stories, and believable endings—Sheila Roberts writes for, and about. contemporary women of all ages. Small Changes is what we expect from Roberts and she doesn’t disappoint.

Reviewer gives this book five stars

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