Shattered Dreams

Published By: Center Street

Book Category: Non-Fiction,

Reviewed by Lauretta Ali

Irene Spencer’s heartbreaking memoir, Shattered Dreams, tells the true story of the life of a polygamist wife. Born into a fifth-generation polygamous family, Irene was the daughter of a second wife. Her father had a total of four wives and thirty-one children. Polygamy was not only accepted but expected by all who believed in “the Principle.” It was this principle that led the author to become the second wife at the tender age of sixteen.

The author takes you on a journey that is frequented by pain and rejection. Irene settles into a plural marriage but is never happy. She ends up marrying the husband of her own half sister, Charlotte, which causes both women much misery. Irene settles into a life of poverty and rejection that at times seems almost unbearable. Then, her husband, Verlan LeBaron, decides to take on another wife. Irene finds herself alone and pregnant most of the marriage. The road to freedom is a long and tedious one.

Shattered Dreams is a story of one woman’s conflict between her religious beliefs and her own human needs. Irene endures the unimaginable as she fights to free herself and her children from a life of bondage and pain.

I experienced great sadness and joy while reading this brave woman’s story. I rejoiced when she finally escaped from this maddening situation into a glorious new day and life. I encourage all who believe that dreams do come true, to read this fantastic story. I celebrate Irene’s courage to pick up the pieces of her Shattered Dreams and step into the promise of a brand new tomorrow.

Armchair Interviews says: A true story of hope for a better future.

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