Romeo, Romeo

Published By: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Heather Durow

No one would ever accuse Rosalie Ronaldi of being a neat freak, let alone domestic. She doesn’t cook, and by the looks of her apartment, hasn’t cleaned since she moved in. Her career is at the top of her list of important things, just above her dog, Dave. Marriage was at the very bottom, practically not there at all. As far as Rosalie was concerned, she never wanted to get married, much to her poor Italian mother’s dismay.

Dominick Romeo thought the same way. He was definitely not marriage material, no matter how many women he dated (and there were many) tried to turn him in that direction. He was rich, handsome, a great businessman and the last thing he wanted was a commitment. But, things don’t always go they way we want.

Romeo, Romeo is witty, sexy and just a down right fun read. With great characters that actually have personality and seem to pop off the page and a storyline that, while it may be along the lines of many romance novels, never gets old. Robin Kaye manages to focus on the characters and their struggles to deal with what they believe is the right thing to do even though fate is pushing them in a totally different direction.

The story is light and sexy and I found myself smiling and laughing out loud through most of it. She also has a knack for writing some very steamy bedroom scenes but doesn’t let that aspect dominate her book.

I can’t wait for her next venture!

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