Robber’s Roost

Published By: Brown Books Publishing Group

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Linda Lee

Larken Blakemore and Emmy Ferrell are cousins who live the high life in 1860 New Orleans’ casinos. Both are spoiled members of wealthy families who have learned to separate gamblers from their money. Larken and Emmy have a habit of using other people’s money and hospitality without repaying. That habit catches up with them in the form of a bounty hunter named Bates.

Bates takes it personally that Larken bested him in a card game. When all the bills the cousins leave in their wake catch up with them, Bates is only too happy to collect their bounty. With servants in tow, who are more like family, the cousins leave the easy life they know to evade the bounty hunter.

Greed gets the better of the cousins when a recently deceased aunt’s will stipulates they must be married in order to collect their inheritance. Thinking to outwit the old biddy they marry each other, but she gets the last laugh from the grave when they realize they have married for a measly two hundred dollars. Before you can say divorce, Bates appears and the couple, servants and an aunt make a run for the Wild West, the only safe place since they owe money everywhere else.

The carousing crew stumbles upon Robber’s Roost, an area in the Forbidden Cliffs of Utah where outlaws look after each other and use guards and landscape to keep the law out. The cousins, et al., set up a boarding house in Robbers Roost. With the help of an orphan named Lela and a parson who misquotes scripture in humorous ways, they learn some serious life lessons and come to understand the value of heart and home.

This is a good story. While reading it you can imagine it being made-for-TV movie. It is a story that requires you to bring your imagination with you to fill in the blanks and humor abounds when you do. A bit flat in the telling, but it is an enjoyable read.

Armchair Interviews says: Good story, well worth the read

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