Return of the Rogue

Published By: Avon

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Kathy Johnson

The novel is set in northern Scotland during the late 1500s. Clan warfare is widespread in an attempt to protect the people and extend strongholds. As the story begins, Honora celebrates her eighth birthday out on the moors picking wildflowers for her mother. Warriors race across the open land. As the charge of stampeding horses approach Honora, Cavan Sinclare, the eldest son of Larid Tavish Sinclare, saves her and tells her to “Watch what you’re doing, lass. Next time someone may not be there to save you.”

Twelve years pass. Honora’s mother has since died and her cruel stepfather has arranged her marriage to the oldest living son of Laird Tavish Sinclare. Cavan and his younger brother have been captured and gone so long most presume they are dead. At one time Honora had been offered in marriage to Cavan, but he refused her, thinking she was not strong enough to one day be the laird’s wife. Now she will marry Cavan’s next younger brother, Artair.

A twist of fate and Honora is wed to Cavan. He is not the man she remembers, although she does see sparks of his former self emerge. He is an honorable man who will deal with her fairly, even if he didn’t want her. Cavan continues to search for his brother and tries to uncover the traitor in the midst of the clan before all is lost.

In the middle of clan warfare and an arranged marriage, will love be found? And if love is found, will Cavan and Honora be able to withstand the end that the traitor has in mind for both of them?

Armchair Interviews says: The strength of the bond in true love gives courage to even those who appear faint of heart.

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