Public Lies

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Reviewed by Knevits Stephens

Nancy marries Vince Cooper in her parents’ backyard. Nancy had believed she was marrying Prince Charming, but everything changed after the wedding. Nancy and Vince have a girl and a boy together.

After six years of threats, along with sexual, mental, and verbal abuse, Nancy takes the kids and flees while Vince is asleep. Vince wakes up after a drug hangover and notices his family is not there. Vince swears he will find Nancy no matter what–and will get revenge on her for leaving.
Nancy gets help from her family and is on the run. She and the kids move to a new town. Nancy changes her appearance and all their names and she is constantly looking over her shoulder for Vince. He’s looking for her and it is only a matter of time before he finds her and the children.

After about three years, the kids are getting older and asking more about their father. Nancy is feeling guilty keeping him from them and decides to get out of hiding, find Vince, and file for a divorce. Nancy is hoping to make everything alright again and give the kids their father back.

The kids get their wish and get to see their father, but Vince is back to his ways again. He will use any lie or threat to get what he wants. Vince is filled with so much revenge for Nancy he will do anything to get back, even if it means turning the kids on their mother.

Nancy is trying to prove the type of person Vince is and to protect her children the best she can. But when the court turns its back on her, she has to choose to keep fighting or to give up.

This book kept me on the edge of my seat. I could not seem to turn the pages fast enough.

I felt the characters emotions and felt as though I was there with them. This very good book brings a brighter prospective of domestic violence to our eyes.

Armchair Interviews says: Powerful story of domestic violence no one really wants to read—but this author’s writing made you want to turn the pages.

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