Perfect on Paper

Published By: WINK'S INK

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Amy L. Loos

What does a gal do when her so-called perfect life comes crashing down around her? Cry? Laugh? Or call in her two best friends to help save her from drowning in personal misery. All of the above if you’re Waverly Bryson and your fiancée calls off the wedding of a lifetime just two weeks before the “I do’s.”

Waverly represents every female at one point in our lives. Most of us can sympathize with Waverly because we know what it’s like to be stuck on a blind date that stinks as bad as week-old fish. We know what it feels like to enjoy the party scene a little too much, and we may even know how it feels to look like a complete fool in front of our friends and family. But what we may not know is how to keep our chin up, laugh it off and look to a brighter day. Waverly accomplishes this near impossible task with the help of her “alter ego,” the quirky side of Waverly that takes life in stride, helping her release frustrations by turning these minor fiascos into funny one liners that she calls “Honey Notes.”

Example: Life has its ups and downs, right? Honey, if you’re talking about my weight or my bank account, the unfortunate answer is yes, in that order.

These “Honey Notes” help to keep the writing light and humorous as we wade through Waverly’s ups and downs in daily life, watching as she looks for the perfect job, family and happily ever after.

Overall, I found Perfect…On Paper to be light-hearted and enjoyable. The only downfall to the main character was Waverly’s slightly sarcastic and somewhat peevish comments that are scattered throughout the book. These occasional comments felt “out of character” for Waverly and left me guessing if maybe Waverly did in fact have a nasty side in waiting–which I never saw come to fruition. Other than that one small glitch, Perfect…On Paper is a delightful summer read.

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