North to Disaster: An Alaskan Novel

Published By: Bushak Press

Book Category: Fiction, Suspense

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Reviewed by Stephanie Boyd

As a bush pilot and a part-time repo man in Seward, Alaska, it is all Johnny Wainwright can do to keep his head above water. He lives in a camper that he parks at the airport near his plane. His one vice is the nightly visits for a beer or two to the local Yucan Bar where he and his eccentric group of friends meet to discuss just about anything.

Johnny is content with his life: he gets to do what he loves everyday; he has good friends; and he manages to scrounge up enough business to make ends meet each month. Then suddenly his best friend is attacked and his plane is stolen. In Alaska, a pilot’s plane is his most important possession and Johnny vows to get his friend’s plane back. Johnny just had no idea what it would entail to find his friend’s plane. Danger beacons at every turn and someone wants to ensure that Johnny doesn’t succeed!

I loved this book! North to Disaster by Jim Craig is the first book of a new series featuring the intrepid bush pilot Johnny Wainwright–and it is off to a fantastic start. Craig is a master of description. His written imagery of Alaska is so detailed you can almost see it yourself. After reading this book and Craig’s detailed descriptions of flying a Supercub plane, I feel like I could jump in a Supercub and “almost” fly it myself. While the book is very descriptive, it is not boring nor does the detail bog down the story.

The character of Johnny is very likable, I found myself routing for him from the beginning. Throughout the story, Johnny is thrust into one dangerous situation after another while he tries to weave his way through whatever is going on that caused his friend to be attacked. Just surviving the rigorous conditions in Alaska is half the battle but Johnny must also outsmart and out maneuver a very determined bad guy.

Well done, Jim Craig–and I can’t wait to see the sequel and what happens next in Johnny’s life. I am recommending this book to any of my friends who love a good thriller with a likable rough-and-tumble character who is out to right a wrong!

NOTE: Bushak Press is a new independent publishing house in Seward, Alaska that specializes in Alaskan stories of all kinds.

Armchair Interviews says: If this is an example of Craig’s writing, this series holds great promise.

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