Next to Die

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Patricia E. Reid

Take some deadly ricin that is stolen and is now being used to kill people. Mix in two lovely sisters entirely different in looks and personality. Add two Navy Seals, both sexy and good-looking. You have all the elements for a good romantic suspense.

Penelope Price, a 29-year-old nurse in the military, is longing for her sexy next door neighbor who doesn’t seem to notice her. Ophelia Price, her sister, got lost on the wild side for awhile when their father was murdered. Ophelia has always depended on Penny whenever things went bad for her.

Commander Joe Montgomery has just returned from a dangerous mission. He was the sole survivor and haunted by what happened in Northern Afghanistan. He is also Penny’s neighbor. Although Penny tries to help Joe, her help is not welcomed by this stubborn man.
Penny and Ophelia feel that their father’s murder is directly linked to the stolen ricin. The sisters recently found their father’s diary and have turned it over to the FBI.

When the person that Penny and Ophelia suspect murdered their father threatens the sisters, Joe steps up to help protect them. Ophelia also has a Navy Seal for protection but Ophelia is the one doing the rejecting.

Next To Die is well-written and full of sex and romance. My personal tastes run more to heavy on the mystery and light on the romance–and this book is heavy on the romance.

Armchair Interviews says: For readers that love more romance than mystery, this is right up your alley.

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