Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life

Published By: MimiSpeaks! Press

Book Category: Non-Fiction,

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Reviewed by: Jan B. King, Founder, eWomenPublishingNetwork

Necessary Roughness: New Rules for the Contact Sport of Life
Ms. Mimi Donaldson has written a superb and superbly wise book advocating for living life to the fullest. She clearly loves football and takes on this metaphor both for men and for women on not avoiding the contact sport of life. She calls football “the advanced course in getting ahead and getting what you want in life and at work.” By the time you finish her book, you’ll agree. She has culled 53 valuable lessons from her study of football and business and life and of course while I can’t detail them all here, I found my top seven to live by, now with pages dog-eared and worn And here they are:

#4 In football, just as in business, there is a very real need to be shrewd about how dollars get spent.

Words to live by that in the end will help small business save our economy.

#8 You don’t make a big deal out of the mistakes you save that energy to celebrate the successes.

If only I could get my clients to focus on the next success they would be happier and I would be happier!

#9 You need to be in charge of your own confidence.

Confidence makes all the difference in ultimate success or failure and too few people see this, choosing instead to undermine their own successes with their own doubts.

#11 Your ultimate goal is making your strengths the source of your livelihood and emotional satisfaction

Knowing your strengths goes has in hand with finding your ultimate source of confidence.

#20 How do we cultivate our own instincts? We listen to our won inner voice.

Listening always wins out talking for insight into anything.

#25 If you want to increase your work load, hire an assistant.

And you do want to increase your capacity to get things done – there just isn’t time enough in a lifetime.

#52 Anything is possible when human beings are committed and passionate and determined to fight.

Words to live by as we go through look for reasons to not only live but thrive everyday.

Read and enjoy Ms. Donaldson’s lighthearted but profound stories. Even a non-devoted football lightweight like me found them inspirational and fun.

Armchair Interviews says: This is a 5-start read. I sent this book immediately to my college-age son for him to contemplate during football season and as he finishes his junior year in college!

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