Me Tanner, You Jane

Published By: Thorndike Press

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame

Evan Tanner is the spy who never sleeps. His sleep center was destroyed by shrapnel during the Korean War, and he has been productively awake ever since – except for the twenty-five years he was frozen by a jealous coworker. This novel finds him searching for the missing ruler of a new African nation. He has escaped into a remote part of his nation with millions from the treasury and is accompanied by an undercover agent from Tanner’s covert group.

The part of the country he must go to is controlled by a rebel group led by a white woman known as Sheena the Jungle Girl. Her origins are unknown, but what is known is that she is ruthless and that no one returns from the area she controls.

On this adventure Tanner picks up a 15-year-old native girl who either accompanies him or dies. She is constantly attempting to seduce him, since she is considered old by her tribe. The number of dysfunctional elements in this novel will keep the reader reeling. You’ll uncover missionaries who are not as virtuous as they should have been. A young girl misinterprets what she sees as love in action – and uses love and power to conquer and kill for no other reason than to temporarily quiet her demons. Tanner also discovers allies who are not quite whom they seem to be – and who turn out at various stages to really be enemies.

Armchair Interviews says: You will be thoroughly entertained by this book–as long as you can take it for the tongue-in-cheek novel it was meant to be.

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