Love In Bloom

Published By: St. Martin's Griffin

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Heather Durow

Hope Walker loves her life. Actually, she is just lucky to have a life. After surviving breast cancer before she was thirty, Hope is grateful for what she has, even if she will never have love. Since she lost a breast and is scarred from the reconstruction, Hope is convinced no man is going to want an imperfect woman, so she has resigned herself to the fact that she will be alone. Which is fine until Jason Wells walks through the door of her small-town flower shop. He is all man and Hope feels things she hasn’t felt in a very long time. Of course she is convinced he would never want her, so she quietly admires him and dreams of what could have been.

Her beautiful and perfect sister, Bobbi, on the other hand has no problem landing men–just not the right kind of man. So when she meets Jason while helping Hope in the flower shop, she is determined that he his Mr. Right and she will do whatever it takes to get him, even if that means having her sister help her look smarter. Hope decides that helping Bobbi with the right words on a card or lending her books to make her library more substantial is what she needs to get Jason off her mind. But things never work out like you plan.

Along the way through this wonderful story, Hope meets Millie and Amber at a community garden and they become fast friends. Millie, a 77-year-old grandmother who recently moved in with her daughter, is sweet and kind and knows her way around a garden. And Amber is just trying to keep her marriage from falling apart after the loss of her husband’s restaurant that has put them in dire financial straits.

The three women learn from being with one another along–and grow with their gardens. Lessons are learned and love is rekindled (or started anew) and Hope finds out, through an unfortunate tragedy, that life is much too short and is not lived without love.

Sheila Roberts’ story of Hope, Millie and Amber is touching and heartwarming. It shows that even the strongest people who can survive impossible odds are not without their weaknesses.

Armchair Interviews says: Love In Bloom deals with love and loss with grace and beauty.

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