Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left from Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning

Published By: Doubleday

Book Category: Non-Fiction, Social Science

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Reviewed by Sharon Broom

Goldberg’s book caused ”˜commotion’ prior to its publication and the ”˜far left’ is probably sputtering following its release. Goldberg’s thesis makes Liberal Fascism highly readable and puts forth information about our U.S. history I suspect some folks didn’t know about, weren’t taught or slept when the material was presented in school.

If you’re willing to read the 405-page book, not including the notes, and be open-minded, the information is fascinating. Goldberg’s theses is that the origins of the word fascist is not as the left uses it—to silence all that do not agree with them (the right)–but harkens back to the time of Mussolini and Hitler, and he reminds us that those original fascists were really ”˜on the left.’

The book methodically and interestingly discusses fascism in a way that is understandable. It gives conservatives a playbook with which to counter the liberals incorrect labeling of them as fascists. Fascism is the ultimate enemy of liberty and one can stop the erosion of it by understanding it and formulating methods to ”˜stop it.’

Goldberg’s ability to provide the reader with an understandable history is what makes his book stand out. The liberalism that exists today in the United States is fascism, but it is dressed up to look ”˜pretty.’ Beware those that believe with their heart and their head that if something is to be accomplished, the government is the only way to do it. My favorite portion of the book speaks to what we are currently experiencing from the ”˜far left.’ The fascists question motives and then ask questions. Fascism from the past attack the motives of their ”˜enemies’ and oppose all that will not bring about the results they deem as right.

But somehow I don’t think anyone on the left who would demand we all think like them, will buy any of what the author puts forth.

Armchair Interviews says: Liberal Fascism is well written, well researched and a must read.

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