Let’s Get it On: A Novel

Published By: Amistad

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Claire Vath

After their Reno, Nevada, spa is a proven success, LaShaWanda, her friends, Lydia, Acey and Odell, decide to expand into other—more decidedly conservative—territories. You see, A Sister’s Spa has been resoundingly successful not just for its massages and facials, but for that little extra pleasure given by the workers (which is legal in Nevada, of course).

So fueled by that success, they head off to the East Coast to court the summering African American society women of Martha’s Vineyard. Lydia and LaShaWanda travel to the Vineyard to open the spa in a yacht off the coast—their way of finding a loophole to those pesky brothel laws.

While some were dubious about the Floating Spa, it quickly becomes a resounding success. But life isn’t always so smooth sailing for this cast of characters.

Along the way there’s plenty of drama. A troubling national presidential agenda encouraging sex for procreation only is making the spa founders nervous. After firing a sex worker in Nevada, Odell has a run-in with the mafia. On both ends there are disgruntled sex workers to tend to. Lydia and LaShaWanda stay busy convincing stuffy residents of the Vineyard averse to the idea of the spa that it’s a good idea. And the women are keeping an eye on the Floating Spa’s secretive nail artist, who also happens to be Lashawanda’s cousin. To top it off, there’s tension (or is it passion?) between Acey and Odell, left back in Nevada to oversee day-to-day operations at A Sister’s Spa.

What will happen with the mafia? Will an explosive new book coming out about African American culture reveal secrets and true personalities? Will Acey and Odell ever hook up? And what is up with the nail artist, who seems to have a steady stream of clients she keeps holed up in her salon?

Let’s Get it On is a steamy, raucous ride and Jill Nelson’s second novel centering around this group.

Armchair Interviews says: This is a sequel to her debut novel Sexual Healing. Be aware there is some “graphic” sex .

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