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Reviewed by Maria Elmvang

Once in awhile you come across a self-published book that should not have had to be self-published. Legs proved to be such a book by being a delightfully entertaining chick-lit.

Katrina Kay (KK) discovered that there is a truth to the old saying of keeping business and pleasure separate. So far it’s been wonderful being business partners with her boyfriend Tom, but when he decides to use a photo of her naked legs on a billboard ad, she realizes it’s time to break up the partnership. Unfortunately Tom decides that this means breaking off the relationship as well, and soon KK finds herself trying to start over in a new town, far away from her family and friends.

Their family and friends are not too keen on being left behind though, and are determined to bring KK and Tom back together, so KK finds herself continuously being torn between old friends and new obligations. It’s time to stop letting the opinion of others control her life, and start living according to her dreams and desires.

Legs is a very entertaining debut novel from Angela Lam Turpin. Authors are encouraged to “write what you know,” and Angela Turpin has done just that by centering her book on the lives of two real estate agents. This is a career not often ventured into in books, making for interesting reading about a profession I knew hardly anything about. The main characters are intriguing, though I often found myself wanting to shake first one and then the other for not talking things through and not listening properly.

My only issue with the book was KK’s family members, who were somewhat over-the-top, and therefore came out looking more like caricatures than real people. I hope families like that are few and far between.

That aside, I greatly enjoyed the book and can highly recommend it for a day at the beach or a rainy afternoon.

Armchair Interviews says: A book worth your read.

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