King of Storms

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Diane Snyder

In Scotland in 1381, alliances, political betrayals and ambitions shift and change with the tides that border the country. Sir Giffard MacLennan, who is known as the king of storms, has been summoned to a meeting with members of the Scottish Knights Templar. These men have been entrusted with the safekeeping of some the legendary treasures that the Templars are known to have. Others, including the Pope and the Earl of Fife, son of the present King of Scotland, are actively seeking to gain possession of this treasure.

As he rides to his meeting, Giff meets 19-year-old Lady Sidony Macleod, and in this new high-seas romance, it’s true that opposites attract. Giff owns the ship, Storm Lass, and is known to be impulsive, impetuous and daring–while Sidony is quiet, unassuming and often finds herself “invisible” at family gatherings. Since her presence is overlooked during conversations, Sidony becomes privy to secret matters including the most recent, the treasure of the Templars. Those who threaten the treasure soon become a threat to Sidony.

Having secured a ship, albeit stolen, to transport the treasure to a safer place, Giff, along with Sidony, who was found as a hostage on the stolen ship, endure rough seas, billowing sails, storms and pursuing ships. As their relationship grows, Giff and Sidony begin to discover strengths in themselves and each in other, and when the anticipated danger becomes actual hand-to-hand combat with swords and bows, Sidony finds she is fully capable of decisive and reckless action. Self-confident and stubborn, Sidony becomes a challenge and a temptation for Giff, but their personalities begin to clash as the undercurrent of romance builds.

Amada Scott gives her story a sound historical backdrop with some authority as she has a master’s degree in history specializing in British history.

Armchair Interviews says: Amanda Scott fans will not be disappointed. She is as entertaining as ever.

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