I See You Everywhere

Published By: Pantheon

Book Category: Fiction,

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Reviewed by Julie Failla Earhart

Reader favorite Julia Glass is back with new novel, I See You Everywhere. This time Glass explores the complicated world of two sisters–how they can be alike and so extremely different.

The story begins in 1980 when the sisters are adults and their great-great aunt Lucy dies in Vermont. Clem, the younger sister, had been living with Lucy as a quasi caretaker. The two get along splendidly. The older sister Louisa flies in from Los Angeles, not so much to attend the funeral, but to see if Lucy left her the cameo she has coveted since she was a girl.

The narrative weaves back and forth between Clem and Louisa, each telling a part of the story from their point of view. The story follows the women over the next twenty-five years, interweaving the sisters’ different lifestyles and views.

Louisa craves stability—a home, a marriage, a career in the arts, and a family. Clem is a scientist who travels the world studying bears, whales, and whatever animal seems to need saving at the time–or where there is grant money to give her a job.

The plot flows easily but is interrupted by the men the sisters are involved with and the havoc they play on the women’s lives. It seems that each time the story moves forward, each has a different man who is causing discomfort.

Two-thirds into the narrative comes a shocker–which I won’t reveal, that I didn’t see coming.

I don’t have a sister, but I had no trouble relating to the girls. I have a brother and we have as different kinds of interests as Louisa and Clem. The characterizations are well-developed and Glass concentrates more on how they get along, appear and disappear at various points in their life, and the deep bond that hold them together.

I See You Everywhere is a satisfying read. The double narrative reads easily, but again, it’s the guys who cause some confusion. They are not quite as well-drawn as the sisters.

Armchair Interviews says: Sisters, alike but different, make for a good read.

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