Hot Wheels and High Heels

Published By: Forever

Book Category: Fiction, Romance

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Reviewed by Cerri Ellis

In this chick lit/romance, Darcy McDaniel went from riches to rags all in the space of a moment. She comes home from her Mexican vacation and finds out her husband sold their house, cleaned out their bank account, maxed out the credit cards, and even took her jewelry box. With nowhere else to go, Darcy heads home to her trailer park parents. At least she still has her beloved sports car and her pet chihuahua, Pepe. Unfortunately, her errant husband still owed on the car, and now she has to face the repo man.

John Stark’s current repo isn’t going as well as he planned. He thought he was immune to women like Darcy. Too late, he realizes his mistake.

After 14 years as a trophy wife, Darcy no longer has the qualifications for gainful employment in today’s computerized world. Desperate, she takes a job as a receptionist at where else—John Stark’s repo business.
Jeremy Bridges is a multimillionaire “wunderkind” who used to employ Darcy’s husband until said husband absconded with $300,000 of Bridges’ money. He’s interested in getting his money back, but he’s also interested in Darcy. But is she desperate enough to take his offer? Or is working for John Stark more than a job? Either way, Darcy has a lot to learn about men—and about herself in the process.

Author Graves writes with charming wit. Her characters make you smile and the situations her heroine, Darcy, faces will make you howl with laughter. The only thing that gave me pause, was the simple fact that Darcy, having come from humble beginnings, should have been more familiar with how the other half lives. Instead, it seemed as though her excursions to a certain giant discount retailer were written as if it were a new experience. Fourteen years is a long time, but surely not long enough to forget or appreciate the lifestyle of regular folks. In spite of this minor nitpick, the book was an entertaining and delightful read.

Armchair Interviews says: Funny story—as long as it isn’t yours!

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